Occupational Medicine: A Guide

22 Dec

It is no doubt that accidents can happen anywhere be it at home, workplaces or any other place and there has to be measures that have been stipulated in order to take care of accidents that happen at workplaces.Physicians who are occupational medicine usually have the expertise to make a diagnosis, manage and also prevent the disease that have been caused by work-related factors so that one is able to get back to work within the shortest time possible and the business can continue operating smoothly. Most often an occupational physician will visit workplaces so that they can be in a position to determine work-related health issues and will formulate methods of controlling the risk factors that can cause health issues in the workplace. Occupational physicians play an integral role in ensuring that employees stay at work or return to work after a short duration following an accident that took place at the workplace. Usually, their work is a combination of both clinical medicine practice and influences the behaviors of the employees and that of the organization so that employees are able to work harmoniously.

Workplace injuries physicians can work with different organizations such as the armed forces, emergency services, transport organizations like rail company and also independent occupational health providers. Psychological factors are very important when it comes to occupational medicine as one will need to carefully assess one before they can offer the necessary help so that they can manage to resume work once they get better. There are very many challenging issues that occupational physicians usually face in their work such as misuse of alcohol in very critical role which can lead to accidents happening which the physician is trying as much as possible to eliminate,weight control for people who are in the transport industry as this can greatly affect the performance of their work and in the long run cause terrible accidents.

Another problem that occupational physician might encounter is having to manage health staff who might be treating patients with very high communicable diseases such as Ebola so as to ensure that they do not spread the disease to other workmates. Be sure to watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSWPgFkUUeU for more info about health.

An occupational physician like clem bonney must be conversant with employment and anti-discrimination laws that place and also the environmental safety law that has been implemented by the necessary authorities so that in their performance of duty they do not break any of those laws which can cause them legal issues. Occupational medicine is becoming very popular of late and is likely to play a major role in government policies in years to come.

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